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Capital structure

As at 1 February 2016

Shares on issue: ASX: PRR, 2,058,297,608

Listed options on issue: ASX: PRRO, 77,378,696, exercisable at 20 cents (AUD) by 19 June 2017

Unlisted options: 530,964,438. Details of various exercise prices and expiry dates are contained in latest Appendix 3B available at http://www.asx.com.au/asx/statistics/announcements.do?by=asxCode&asxCode=prr&timeframe=Y&year=2015  

Share ratio for ADRs traded on Nasdaq: 1:100 (Depositary is BNY Mellon, Nasdaq: PBMD)

ADRs outstanding :
22 million approximately (32% of capital) 

Registered shareholders of ASX listed shares: approximately 12,000

Substantial shareholders (ie >5%): Ridgeback Capital Management (approximately 5.5%)