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04 August 2015

Notice issued under section 708A(12C)(e) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)



On 14 May 2015, Prima Biomed Limited (PRR or Company) announced that it had entered into a subscription agreement (Subscription Agreement) with Ridgeback Capital Investments L.P (Ridgeback) to issue 13,750,828notes (Convertible Notes) pursuant to the Subscription Agreement. The terms of the Convertible Notes allow for their conversion into ordinary shares (Shares) in PRR.The issue of the Convertible Notes was subject to approval by the Company's shareholders (Shareholder Approval) as detailed in the Notice of Meeting dated 26 June 2015, which was announced to the market on 29 June 2015 (Notice of Meeting). Shareholder Approval was obtained at the general meeting of members held on 31 July 2015.