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  • February 20-22, 2017
    2nd Annual Cancer Immunotherapy Conference, part of 24th International Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference, San Francisco, California. On February 20 between 12:00 pm and 12:30 pm, Frederic Triebel will present pre-clinical results for the anti-PD-1/IMP321 combination and TACTI-mel trial design with the topic “TACTI-mel, Two ACTive Immunotherapies in Melanoma: Combination of IMP321 (LAG-3Ig) with an Anti-PD-1 Antagonist in a Phase I Trial".
  • March, 7-8, 2017
    Breast Cancer Summit, Boston, Massachusetts. On March 7 at 4:15 pm, Frederic Triebel will talk about "An active immunotherapy combined with first-line weekly paclitaxel in metastatic breast cancer: first results of IMP321 (LAG-3Ig) as an antigen presenting cell activator in the AIPAC phase IIb trial."
  • March 14-16, 2017
    3rd Annual Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors (ICI) Boston conference, Massachusetts. On March 16 at 1:30 pm, Frederic Triebel will present "Two ACTive Immunotherapies In Melanoma (TACTI-mel Phase I Trial): Combination Of IMP321 (Lag-3IG) With An Anti- PD-1 Antagonist (Pembrolizumab) In A Phase I Trial".
  • March 28th, 2017
    5th Annual Cancer BioPartnering & Investment Forum, New York Academy of Sciences, New York City, New Jersey. Marc Voigt will present at 12:35 pm.
  • June 02-06, 2017
    ASCO 2017, Chicago, Illinois
  • September 08-12, 2017
    ESMO, European Society for Medical Oncology Congress, Madrid, Spain
  • October 31th , 2017
    World Immunotherapy Congress, Basel, Switzerland. Frédéric Triebel is speaking about TACTI-mel, two ACTive immunotherapies in melanoma: combination of an APC activator (IMP321 or LAG-3Ig) with Pembrolizumab at 5:50 PM.
  • November 08-12, 2017
    SITC, Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer, National Harbor, MD, USA
  • November 2017
    Annual General Meeting in November 2017